Welcome to PSK

The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) is a representative organization that was formed to enable Pharmacists' employ their professional expertise in the care of patients.

Established in 1964, PSK has its roots in the Pharmaceutical Society of East Africa, which was registered in 1950. Since its formation, PSK continues to promote a common standard for professional conduct and code of ethics for its members, as well as advocate the welfare Pharmacists.

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Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) refers to the commitment by members of the Pharmacy fraternity to constantly update their knowledge and skills in order to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical care to patients.

Green Cross

The Green Cross Charter is a program developed by PSK in order to ensure that patients are provided with high quality pharmaceutical care country-wide. These standards will be set by the PSK and followed strictly. The primary focus will be the well-being of our patients/clients.