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IN-HOUSE PHARMACIST SENSITIZATION MEETING: ABSENTEE SUPERINTENDENTS @SILVER SPRINGS WEDNESDAY 31ST OCTOBER 2018 It has come to our attention through our colleagues at the Pharmacy and Poisons Board that professionals are absconding duties as superintendents. We therefore are calling for an urgent in-house meeting of Pharmacists before PPB portal opens next year licence renewal. Agenda: 1. What makes you to give your licence and not care who is employed to represent the profession at as a pharmacist in your absence? 2. How are you covered or manovering against criminal exposure? 3. Are you aware of the patient rights you may be contravening by being an absentee superintendent without having an equivalent registered colleague on staff full time to cover you and deliver on the social contract given to you by the government via Cap 244? Kenya Constitution Articles: - 31 (1) (d) Patient privacy ; - 43 (1) (a) Kenyas to avcess highest quality of care all the time they access it. - 46 (1) (a) to (d) Consumer rights 3. Are you aware that your actions as an absentee superintendent is promoting quackery, endangering patients and causing unemployment within the profession? 4. How can we use 'nyumba kumi' initiative to weed out quacks & whistle blowing unethical practice accross the profession? 5. How can we leverage the PPB & PSK disciplinary committees to uphold ethics and standards access. The meeting resolutions will be made into a report to be shared with the Ministry via our Regulator PPB on how to deal with this issue of absenteeism.  You can check if you are an absentee superintendent by going to this portal: https://www.pharmacyboardkenya.org/retention/# Meeting date Wednesday 31st October 2018 at Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi Karibu