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Project Tibu Safaricom


  • Assess the actual need for stock management solutions
  • Identify workarounds employed currently and their strengths & weaknesses
  • Establish the acceptable costs that clients are willing to take up
  • Identify other pressing needs for this market


  • Audio recorder
  • Pens and sheets of paper
  • Flipchart and marker pens
  • Stimulus concepts

Note: This document serves as a guide to the moderator.  The discussion may not follow in exactly the same flow; or questions may be asked in a different way during the actual discussion.  The moderator may paraphrase and / or change the flow of the discussion to suit the group dynamics and / or the context / culture where the group is held if it better addresses the research objectives.

Mod: Switch on voice recorder and read out date, time and group profile

1.    Introduction

Objective: The objective of this section is to introduce respondents to the group process, to explain how the group will work and to allow respondents to acclimatise to the environment.

MOD: Introduce self to the group and explain the following

  • Group duration
  • Confidentiality
  • Viewing and tape recording
  • Speak one at a time
  • Need for honesty and openness
  • No wrong answers
  • Switch off cell phones         WARM UP: Objective: The objectives of this section are to encourage respondents to warm up to each other while the moderator gathers key information about the experiences with and expectations of visual entertainment Briefly introduce yourselves and tell me more about you (name, family, work) What do you like doing during your free time / hobbies Understand current stock management process, Objective: to understand how Pharmacists go about managing their stocks I would like to understand a bit more on how you all go about managing your stocks of medicine, kindly tell me how you go about it Do you have a certain system / way that you do this, please tell us What are the benefits of using such a system What are some of the challenges you go through with such a system. How do you overcome this challenges The ‘ideal’ stock management solution Objective: to establish any need gaps with regards to Stock management Let us imagine that we an organisation that would like to come up with an Stock management solution/ concept in this market and we had the chance to give them advice or discuss on the most ideal/best system that will help us, let us come up with the ideal stock management system How would it work? What makes you say that? How do you see your selves benefit from such a system? Moderator: Let each respondent come up with how best an ideal stock management system would work for them 5.     EXPOSURE TO THE PROPOSED STOCK MANAGEMENT CONCEPT : to gauge respondents’ reaction to key features of the Stock management concept Spontaneous reactions So please tell me your general thoughts about this concept Appeal                                                                                                                         Do you like this concept? Why/why not? Which parts do you like the most? Is there anything which you do not like? Which parts? Why is that? Uniqueness Have you seen anything like this before? If YES: Where was and what did you think about it What did you think of that concept If No: Do you feel this concept is unique? What makes you say that? Relevance/ Credible                                                                                                     Who do you think this concept is meant for… what kind of people? Why them? How similar/different are they to you? Why do you think the concept is talking to these specific kinds of people? Does it feel like it is aimed at you? Why or why not? Is this concept relevant for people like you? What makes you say that? Uptake / trial intent If these concept was introduced to the market right now would you be interested in it? What makes you say this? Suggested Improvements Do you think they could do or add anything to make the concept better? If so, what exactly? Final Comments Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to share with us about the topic of discussion we have had today? Check for further questions from client. Thank respondents and close.