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Comparison of the Immunogenicity of Hepatitis B Vaccines in the Kenyan Market in Mice

Author: Ogoya, D.A , Kimotho J.H. , Okalebo F.A. , Osanjo G.O.
Is Part Of: Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, Volume 23, No. 3 (2018)
Hepatitis B vaccine has been instrumental in reducing the prevalence of hepatitis B virus by preventing transmission of infection. However, the vaccines that come into the Kenyan market do not undergo quality control checks for efficacy due to lack of expertise, capital and infrastructure. This study compared the immunogenicity of hepatitis B vaccines in the Kenyan market in mice. Engerix™-B (Glaxo-Smithkline Biologicals s.a., Belgium); Euvax B (LG life Sciences, Korea) and Shanvac®-B (Shantha Biotechnics, India) were evaluated. Six to 10 week old male and female Balb/c mice were immunized and their sera assayed for hepatitis B surface antibodies (HBsAb) by the Competitive / Inhibition ELISA method. All three brands elicited a protective antibody response (> 10mIU/ml) from the mice, with sero-protection rates of 83.3%, 100% and 83.3% observed for Engerix™-B, Euvax B and Shanvac®-B respectively. Comparisons across the brands showed statistically insignificant (p = 0.793) differences in the mean concentrations. The study confirmed that the vaccines elicit a protective response, and that the two biosimilar brands, Euvax B and Shanvac®-B perform at per with the originator brand, Engerix™-B. Future studies evaluating the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccines and their ability to offer long-term protection are recommended.
Keywords: immunogenicity, antibody, vaccine, protective response
Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
ISSN: 2411-6386