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Prevalence of Adverse Events of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs and their Impact on Adherence to Treatment in Nairobi City County

Author: P.N.Karimi , A.N. Guantai , C. Kigondu , T. Ogaro
Is Part Of: Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, Volume 23, No. 2 (2017)
Tuberculosis is a global health problem and Kenya is among the countries with high burden of the disease. The disease is curable but the drugs used have several adverse effects which increase the morbidity and mortality. They also affect adherence to treatment.
To determine the prevalence of adverse drug events of first line anti-tuberculosis therapy and their impact on adherence to treatment in Nairobi City County.
The study was carried out in nine health facilities in Nairobi City County. A cross-section study design was used targeting adult patients on first line anti-tuberculosis drugs. A sample of 190 participants was selected using simple random sampling. Eligible respondents were taken through a consenting process and those who concurred were included in the study. Data was collected using a researcher-administered questionnaire. The participants were interviewed and their responses entered accordingly. Analysis of the data was done using STATA version 13 and both inferential and descriptive analysis were used to generate the report.
115(60.53%) respondents were males and 48(25.26%) had HIV coinfection. The most common adverse drug events were; nausea, vomiting, anorexia, tiredness and weakness, numbness and burning sensation in the limbs, clumsiness or unsteadiness, depression, skin rash, arthralgia, blurred vision and eye pain. The majority (51.58%) of the respondents had high adherence to anti-tuberculosis drugs. There was a statistically significant relationship between the level of adherence and duration of treatment (p=0.05); alcoholism (p=0.002); depression (p=0.026).
Males are more predisposed to tuberculosis than females and adverse drug events are common in patients on treatment.

Keywords: Adherence, Anti tuberculosis drugs, Adverse drug events
Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
ISSN: 2411-6386