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Review of the Status of Alternative Medicine Practice in Kenya

Author: Muriuki B. ,Midiwo J.O. ,Mbugua P.M. ,Gikunju J.K.
Is Part Of: Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, Volume 22, No. 3 (2015)
The non mainstream medical practices in Kenya vary widely along cultural, religious and geographical lines. The methods adopted range from material administration, non-invasive physical and invasive surgical procedures to psychological and spiritual based procedures. The material-medical practice or herbalism may be the only one that can be subjected to uniform registration and regulatory procedures. Kenyan herbal medicine practice has largely remained uncontrolled and unregulated despite the fact that a large proportion of the Kenyan population could be relying on the same. Although some substantial data on alternative medical products has been generated by institutions and individual scientists, lack of necessary coordination has rendered practical progress, value addition and utilization difficult. There is now a constitutional requirement for formal incorporation of traditional and alternative medicine into the mainstream health sector and its implementation may enable development of an efficient regulatory mechanism for herbal medicine. This article is a summarized review of the current status of alternative medicine practice in Kenya. Issues of regulation and registration are mainly reviewed in the context of herbal or alternative material medicine.
Keywords: Traditional Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Herbalist, ethnomedicine.
Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya