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Dispensing Practices at Mbagathi District Hospital

Author: Mugiira M. K, Orwa J. A, Namasaka, M.P.
Is Part Of: Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, Volume 21, No. 4 (2014)
Inappropriate use of drugs is a major public health concern of present day pharmaceutical practice. It is associated with several consequences all leading to decreased quality of health care to the population. This study was to establish the dispensing practices in Mbagathi District Hospital. The study was a Cross-sectional study carried out at the outpatient pharmacy. Using simple random sampling,  records were reviewed retrospectively and prospective interviews done to dispensing staff and patients using a semi-structured questionnaire. Average dispensing time was 61(CI 52.2-69.8) seconds per patient. The hospital was able to dispense 68 % (CI 61.7-73.2) of the prescribed drugs. Ninety five percent (CI89%-98%) of the dispensed drugs were adequately labeled and 92% (CI 85%-96%) of the patients correctly described the dosage of the drugs. The pharmacy had 80% (CI 52%-96%) of the key drugs used to treat common ailments during
the study period. This study provides a baseline from which intervention programmes could be designed to improve dispensing practices in the hospital.

Keywords: Dispensing practices, Mbagathi District Hospital, Irrational drug utilization
Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya