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Author: Ngongo D.N., Kimotho J.H., Ochwoto M.
Is Part Of: Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, Volume 21, No. 4 (2014)
Introduction: Microbial Culture and Sensitivity is still the gold standard procedure for diagnosis of infectious diseases and, in certain cases, the only method that can be reliably used for the diagnosis of these diseases. Although there is a gradual shift towards molecular diagnosis in developed countries, it will take longer for this to happen in the developing countries. Ready-to-Use (RTU) culture media can be imported from developed countries but they have short shelf lives. Objective: To find out the need to develop local capacity to sustainably produce quality-assured and cost effective culture media. Methodology: Market research was conducted, using a questionnaire to survey and collect data from regional public health facilities. Random Sampling method was employed in selecting the health facilities visited, 71 of them in total. The questionnaires were filled on spot by respondents and some information gathered by observation. The collated primary data was hence entered in Ms Excel and analyzed by SPSS. Results: A good majority of the respondents (83.6%) indicated they regularly make their own culture media. Most consider ‘High Quality Media’ as the most important factor
when choosing culture media. Conclusion and Recommendation: Formulation of viable, affordable and sustainable products that will serve the large market in Kenya and Eastern Africa in general. It is advisable to establish an integrated working committee to facilitate the
effective planning and implementation of this project(s).

Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya